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Explore leaderboards for workouts from your affiliate or all members on the site to see how you compare. Stay motivated by tracking your personal bests and sharing that information with others.

WODs and coach features

As a coach, post WODs for your affiliate and members. Allow your members to compare their performances with other members of your affiliate. Embed a leaderboard widget on your gym website so your members can see the top 10 athletes for the workouts you post.

Goal setting

As a member, you can create, share and track your fitness/exercise goals. For example, you could set a timeframe of one month to get your first kipping pull-up. The site will remind you when this goal is near. Also, explore the latest goals added by all members, cheer them on with comments.

Proficiency charts

Compare your current fitness across different levels of fitness. For example, you can see how your max clean and jerk compares to what an elite CrossFit athlete should be able to lift based on your body weight.


Create reports summarizing your results over time or based on specific workouts. E-mail or print these to share with your coaches. It's a great way to see your progress over time and let your coaches know their excellent programming is working.


Post comments to member's profiles, specific workouts, or member results. Share your thoughts and encourage others.

Facebook integration

Post your latest results or workouts directly to Facebook.

Twitter integration

Post your latest results or workouts directly to Twitter.