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What is CrossFit?

Check the About page.

What is MyFranTime?

Check the About page.

Site specific

What's an affiliate?

An affiliate in MyFranTime is a CrossFit gym or box. If you are not associated with an affiliate, you can always choose Crossfit.com as your affiliate.

What's the difference between a WOD and a workout?

A WOD or "workout of the day" is an instance of an existing workout that an affiliate's members will perform on a specific day. For example, there is only one Fran workout, but Fran could be a WOD many times for many different affiliates.

I accidentally created a duplicate workout, what should I do?

Well, if no one has ever associated it as a WOD or logged results for it, then you can simply delete it. However, if that's not the case or you are unsure, you can merge the workout with an existing one. Go to the Workouts page, and provided you are logged in, you should see a Merge Workout button. Click that button and then follow the instructions on the page. Be careful, when you merge a workout, the original is removed from the system. Also, this action cannot be reversed.

I know a workout exists, but I can't find it, what should I do?

First, are you searching the right section? If you are looking for a workout, not a WOD or a result, then you should be searching the Workouts page. Check the question below for search tips.

How can I search more effectively?

Both WODs and Workouts support boolean queries, which allow you to construct more effective queries. For example, if you want to search for all workouts that contain pull-ups and push-ups in their description, then you can use a plus symbol at the beginning of both words to enforce this restriction (e.g. +pull-ups +push-ups). You can also perform searches enforcing exact name matches by using quotes around the search terms, e.g. "fight gone bad". Wild card searches are also supported. You use an asterisk to indicate a wild card option, e.g. fig*. To learn the full spectrum of your options, check out the Boolean Full-Text Search manual from MySQL.

You can also combine queries with the drop-down filters available for Workouts. The drop-downs allow you to filter workouts based on specific types, like time-based, weight-based, etc. and/or categories, my workouts, official, named, etc.

Why don't your search tips work for member and affiliate searches?

There's a couple of reasons. The somewhat general reason is that it's less likely to be necessary, as queries for Members and Affiliates are going to be based on names or addresses, which require less finesse to handle.

The more technical reason is that boolean style queries in MySQL (the database engine for MyFranTime), are only supported efficiently by FULLTEXT indices, which is only supported by the MyISAM table engine. The disadvantage of the MyISAM table engine is that you cannot have foreign keys. All tables in MyFranTime, except for workouts, use the InnoDB table engine and depend on the the foreign key support. There are other advantages to using InnoDB, like faster table updates, and it is transaction-safe.

Perhaps down the road, if I feel it's necessary, I will change things around to support more complex queries for other areas of the site.

I searched My Results, but I can't find the workout I want, what should I do?

First, are you sure this is a workout that you recorded results for? If not, then you should search the Workouts section of the site rather than your results. The My Results section only lists workouts that you have recorded results for.

If you know you recorded results for a particular workout and you still cannot find it, then I suggest using the contact link below and tell me what you are trying to find. I'll try to help.

Why are all my results public?

With MyFranTime, I've tried to follow a similar philosphy as CrossFit.com. That is, CrossFit.com provides a free service, where anyone can do CrossFit by simply following the programming and recommendations freely available on the site. CrossFit has evolved so quickly in part due to this openness. Anyone can post their results in the comments on CrossFit.com, and other people in the community can use these results, as well as their own, as a guide to improving their peformance.

I wanted to be able to do something similar with MyFranTime. Your results can help inspire other CrossFitters. The workouts you create, can be used by anyone in the community. I also think it's an effective way to recognize all types of CrossFit athletes. Most of us are trying to get in shape, have fun, challenge our body physically and mentally, and I hope that MyFranTime will help you chronicle this on-going battle.